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  • LG TV Main Board EBT64041004
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    LG TV Main Board EBT64041004

    Boards are pulled out of working TV's with cracked screens.  Please make sure to carefully view all photos and part numbers to ensure this is the board that you need.

    Troubleshooting Tips:

    Be Aware: Horizontal lines are caused by a bad screen. NO BOARD will fix horizontal lines.

    We are here to help! If you're unsure of how to diagnose and troubleshoot the TV problem, contact us for more assistance before purchasing!

    *NOTE* LG & Vizio TVs must be plugged in for 5 minutes before it will turn on*

    *For main board replacements check for possible firmware upgrades.

    1. Inspect ALL Ribbons and connectors. Any tears or bad connections between boards must be replaced FIRST.

    2. If you have any of these boards, it should be the first board to be replaced
    A) T-Con Board - Video Problems (No Video with standby light on, audio but no video, grainy, distorted, or color problems in screen)
    B) X or Y Buffer Board (Plasma TVs only) - Standby light is on but no power
    C) Backlight Inverter / LED Driver - No Video with standby light on

    3. Main Video Board
    - Standby light is on but no power
    - Either video or audio does not work (if no T-Con in TV. If audio but no video it is T-Con)

    4. Power Board - No power AND standby light does NOT turn on. If standby light is on try other boards above

    5. Panel - No power, distorted picture, lines, slow motion, half screen, faded in / out. Panel problems are usually not worth replacing the panel.

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